Chatter, pratter, endlessly on and on.
The guys so desperate to impress,
with their gruff voices and don’t
care attitudes. So quick to slam a
Half & Half to illicit a giggle or two.
The girls so quick to laugh, so quick to
lay a hand on.
Leaning intently over the table, looking,
waiting to leap in with something
witty, disgusting, and semi-hilarious,
so that someone, anyone will respond.
Of teenage promises and pinky swears,
and much swearing to god.
They come in waves, eager to pray
to their commercial gods of Nike,
Tommy, and Abercrombie & Fitch.
Is this there existence? Is this what
they are reduced to doing?
Or has this become my existance?
Sitting in my empty booth, watching;
cynical and sarcastic.
So quick to write them off.
I see them as outcasts from my
social strata. But I know that
they see me as the same outcast
from them.
All I can do is shake my head at them,
and myself.

Anger, roiling, boiling to the surface.
Within an instant I am anew.
This darker side of me shows its face.
Only in moments of pure anger.
Only when I let my carefully crafted guard down.

It’s in my blood; seething and seeping.
A genetic trait, a genetic gift.
Unfortunately one I can’t return.
But I know, I know it’s there lurking.
Just under my skin. Waiting.

But you. You are the only one who has
Seen my other face, or the only one
I have let see my other face.
Maybe it’s just that I am so comfortable
With you that I can let you see it.

And it takes so very, very little to set me off.
So much less than ever before.
You think I am a different person?
Two seperate halves or even wholes?
This is all of my girl. All of me.

I have a dark side. I have a hidden side.
There’s a part of me that hardly sees the sun.
Is that good?Is repression a needed thing?
Or in the long run will it ruin me?
Will it kill and whither a part of me?

Oh I praise you Rain!
I praise that dense, thick, impenetrable blanket
that soaks in an instant, making layers of clothes
seem like nothing more than a second skin, outlining
curves and suck to my wandering, lustful eye.
But what of the mist?
Oh I praise you as well!
That light and airy curtain that lends itself
to dancing and frolicking; to holding and bodily closeness.
Nothing is more beautiful than a body swaying
and rocking to the pounding drum beat of the rain.
Oh I praise you most of all!

A pair of eyes finds another pair,
a glance across a room.
The magnetic pull brings them together
until lips are locked as one.
A kiss at first, a gentle kiss, so soft and tender sweet.
Her lips are warm and receiving, her tongue a little shy.
He breaks his kiss to cup her chin, and
gaze into her eyes.
He can’t help himself, she’s all he ever needs.

Looking, longing, dreaming he leans into her again.
She puts her hand behind his head,
and pulls him close to her.
She mashes her lips to his, her tongue a red, hot probe.
He is surprised at her insistency, at her urgency,
but he does not pull away.
She kisses his cheek, his brow, his nose, his ears, his eyes.
He kisses her cheek, her brow, her nose, her ears, her eyes.
Passion unfolded, unbridled.
He cups her chin in his hand again,
and searches in her eyes.
He still can’t help himself, he deludes himself
that she’s all he ever needs.

writhing, coiling,
sweating, meshing, uncoiling
two bodies sweatily sticking to each other.
senseless pawing
groping, pushing, pulling, tugging.
both looking for some sort of release.
neither wants emotion,
a relationship,
only naked,
that’s what they want,
They don’t want to say I love you,
neither wants to even care.
what they both want is this jumbled,
web of arms and legs
that is their release.

silently I glide across the campus
looking, wondering.
my eyes drinking in all that is to behold.
looking here and there I search,
beating a path on the well worn walkways.
during the day these concrete streets are
alive with the busy bustle of student traffic,
everyone hurrying this way and that,
not really ever going anywhere.

but here, at night, I have these campus roads
all to myself. just me and my feet, and the occasional fellow traveler.
we have crossed and recrossed this pavement
so many times that I don’t need to lead them anymore.
I have shut my eyes and they have lead me
back and forth on the endless journey that I take.

I feel the light touch of rain upon my face, like a
gentile kiss that would wake me from a slumber,
I open my eyes to be engorged with Mother nature’s kisses.
Holding out my hands, I let her penetrate my very being,
her kisses reaching deep in me to caress my soul.
standing in the rain, letting myself be washed away,
I realize that with only the silent footsteps in my ears,
I am at peace.

Sitting in the front row, learning all things accounting,
I watch the professor intently, gleaning as
much as I can. Trying to stay awake.
I always look forward to that class, though I don’t know why.
Sometimes it bores me to death.
My head begins bobbing and sagging in that
tell-tale gesture of too little sleep.
I grab my juice, hoping the cool
refreshment will awaken me to class.
No good. I try focusing intently on the
overhead, but my lids begin drooping even faster.
I turn my head in one last futile attempt to
keep from dozing off and I cath a flash
out of the corner of my eye.
I turn my head even more and there it
is again, that radient flash of sun, a smile.
I know that beautiful smile as it always
greets me whenever I look her way. I smile
to myself, and smile outwardly, feeling
completely rejuvenated.
Now, with all thoughts of sleep banished
from my mind, I am free to concentrate on
class again. And when fatigue sets in I only
need to look for that ray of sunshine.
Now I know why I love coming to this
class so much.

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