forbidden fruit…
just out of reach.
the branch that holds you
out of my touch holds so many.
so taboo…
how did this delectible morsel become sin?
This tree has made it a sinworthy tresspass.
it has grown its branches out of my reach.
keeping me grounded, and you growing skyward.
Oh I could climb its unforgiving trunk,
but the branches are too brittle, and
the risk of fall is almost certain.
This fall is from so great a height;
broken bones… broken dreams…
The fall from this tree is a fall from grace.
There is no return.
So I gaze up at this tantalizing morsel.
I am Adam, but there is no Eve.
No one to blame but me.
You… you are that tantalizing, forbidden fruit.
A bite from you is the heart’s desire,
but the soul’s torment.
There is no turning back, no remorse.
Nothing can save me now.
Not now that your fruit has caught my eye.