I sit in my chair, my lofty perch
and conceive of plots to introduce
myself to her.

I continuously glance in her direction,
hoping that all I need to do is catch
her eye and smile.
And I think that if I can do that, she
will instently warm to me, see the charm
in my disarming smile.

The more I think about it, the more brazen
my plans become. I think that if I just introduce
myself, I will win her.
If I just walk up, sit down and beging talking
to her, she will see the follies of her lonely
ways and warm up to me.

I prepare grandiose speeches on the beauty of her eyes
The fluid motion of her body, the way she looks
in a certain angle of the light.
All of this mindless posteuring keeps me from
noticing that she has now taken her leave of this
place and me.