i cried out for love
out of sight
i cried out to you
in the night
but you turned your head
the other way
you just couldn’t think of
what to say
i tried to tell you
that i care
but all that came out
was air
the feelings i harbored
i had a hard time showing
yet my love for you
just kept on growing
i looked to the sky for
answers or solace
but all that i found
was your beautiful face
i wish i could’ve told you
about how i feel
but my stomach was spinning
like some great wheel
i would think of the times
we had in the past
then i’d say to myself
“what times . . . what past?”
i’d sit and i’d write
of your beautiful eyes
you’d never be mine
i would realize
i tried my hardest
but you shot me down
“three strikes you’re out!”
yelled the fantasy crowd

i guess i’ll just have to
move on with my life
thinking of you only
causes me strife
so farewell my love
i bid you adieu
to the heavens i look
as i say “i loved you”
(but unfortunatly I still
do love you.)