Archive for February 1st, 1996

For once I had a love but was denied,
I got my spirits up, and then my hope
Was broken by his lies. I all but died
When I was left alone. I could not cope
With all the strees, my life lay on the floor.
It’s all but been destroyed. But I have found
A sweet release that makes my heart just soar.
My final choice has been to break new ground.
And I will go and start anew, I must.
For if I don’t I surely will be sad
Forever more. My start afresh will just
Be what I need. I really can’t be mad.
Being alone may possibly be grim,
But it’s enough, I’ve given up on him.

*note – I wrote this sonnet for a friend of mine after she had broken up with her boyfriend.

They cut it all off. All of it. My hair is so short now. It’s the most liberating thing I have ever done. It felt so wild and spur of the moment to just go in to the barber shop and say, “Cut it off, cut it all off.” I feel like a new man. It’s perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such startled looks on the faces of my acquaintances. They had always told me I looked great with long hair, that having a pony tail hanging between my shoulder blades was “Cool.” “Dean,” they would say, “I just love your long hair. It looks great on you.” Well, no more. It’s short and I like it that way.


I’ve come to that point in my life which words
Cannot describe. How hurt I feel, how much I tried
to make all things go right. It’s like the birds
Have ceased to sing, oh how much I have cried.
Flowers no longer bloom, and if I could,
I’d turn back the tables of time. Yet then
I’d do it all again because I would
Be faced with one so fair. But even when
I know I’m at a loss, it can’t be good.
Too weak am I, too strong she is. I will
be upset once again. Too long I wait,
Too quick I am, I see she’s had her fill.
I’m here anew, but once again I’m late.
I reach to her. I wait and see. I sit
And watch her go. That’s it, with love, I quit